User Guide – Version 1 (10.23.10)


·         Site Overview

·         Registration

·         Enrollment

·         Updating your profile

·         Navigating the student interface

·         Creating courses

·         Adding images

·         Adding documents

·         Adding modules to courses

·         Editing course modules

·         Locking course modules

·         Quiz questions

·         Updating course settings

·         Deleting courses

·         Transferring courses

·         Deleting an account

·         Managing student records

·         Managing student accounts

·         Special courses

·         Mobile devices

·         Best practices

Site Overview is a free site which allows anyone to create free courses online, or if they choose to do so, private courses which are available only to registrants who can enter a secure passcode specific to a course or courses.  Registrants may also enroll in any public course.  All interaction between users, whether they are in the role of students, or course managers, or both, is not managed or supervised by the site owner. Students are enabled and encouraged to contact their course manager by email, and vice versa.


Anyone may register an account on  Although a valid email address is required, registrants may opt to keep their email address private. This means that no one, except for the site owner, will know their email address. The site owner does nothing with email addresses unless the registrant has opted-in to email updates about course offerings. Email address are not sold or shared with any outside party.  Registrants may enter a personal bio on the registration page, or on their profile page once they have logged in. This bio is only displayed to their students if they decide to create a course.


Unless a course has been designated as private by its creator, any site registrant may enroll freely in as many courses as they like.  You can be a student in courses while serving as the Course manager in other courses.

Updating your profile

You may update your profile by clicking on ‘My profile’ at the top of every page.

Navigating the student interface

If you need help from your Course Manager, click the “Contact the course manager” link in your course. This will open a pre-addressed email in your computer’s default mail client application (Outlook, etc.).   To view your quiz scores and exercise feedback, click the “My scores and feedback” link in your course.

Course Management

Creating courses

After logging in, click the “Create a course” link.  There, you can enter short name and description for your course, and choose whether it is Public or Private.  Note that you can change your course from Public to Private at any time by editing your course settings. Making a course public means that any registrant on the site may freely enroll in your course, and it will appear in site search results.  If you make your course Private, your course will not appear in site search results and only individuals with a passcode (provided by you) will be able to enroll. To enable individuals to enroll, you should provide them with your course URL (available on the “Update course settings” page) and ask them to register on the site, then paste that URL into their browser’s address bar. They will then be asked to enter the passcode.  Please note that the course avatar will hotlink to any image on the internet. Please be respectful of copyrights and of the community when posting images. Posting images which violate copyright or the spirit of the FunLMS. .com community may be grounds for revocation of site privileges. 

Adding images

You can add a course avatar image to represent your course, as well as images with your lessons and exercises.  You can either enter the URL (web address) of an image that is already on the internet (do not violate copyright!) or, you can upload an image from your computer. To do the latter, click on ‘Course manager settings’ in a course that you manage, click ‘My images’ and upload your local image files.  You will then be given a URL which you can use to display that image in your courses. Please do not upload extremely large images – doing so will likely cause your browser to time-out.

Adding documents

Course managers can upload documents to their courses for use in lessons, exercises or announcements.  Files are stored securely and can only be accessed by individuals (including yourself) who are logged in, current, registered members of the course you teach. Note that documents you upload for one course will not be visible, even to you, in another course. If you un-enroll a student from your course, they will no longer be able to see course documents for that course.

Adding modules to courses

You may add a variety of activities, or modules, to your course, including: Announcements, Lessons, Exercises, Quizzes, and Discussion Walls.  Click the “Course manager settings” link and select a module to add.  Modules may be edited or removed at any time. Note: After adding a quiz, you will need to add questions to the quiz. From the course main page, click the red dice icon to add questions. You may add as many questions as you like. At this time, all questions are 4-option multiple choice, with one correct response only.  When you created a quiz, you can select whether the quiz is a final exam, or not, and if so, what the required passing score is: 70, 80, 90, or 100%.  If a student passes a final quiz, they will receive an email confirming their passing status. You can add a message to that email on your Quiz settings page.  You may add and delete announcements from courses you manage, at any time.

Editing course modules

Any course module (Announcements, Lessons, Exercises, Quizzes, Discussion Walls) may be edited by clicking on the pencil icon next to the module.  The module can also be deleted by clicking the “Delete this [module]” link. This action is permanent.

Locking course modules

One of the advantages of online education is that students may complete coursework at their own pace. However, some course managers may want to provide a more traditional, time structured course so that all students complete particular course modules at the same time. To restrict a module or modules, simply click on the padlock image next to the module on the ‘course.php’ page (the main page of courses you manage). This will prevent students from accessing the module until you have unlocked it.  To unlock the module, simply click the padlock image again.

Quiz questions

You may add as many questions to quizzes as you like. All questions are multiple choice (although you can create True/False questions by entering “n/a” in the option C and option D fields).  Quiz questions cannot be edited, they can only be deleted. You may choose to enter feedback for each question to be displayed to users if they answer that particular question incorrectly.  On the quiz settings page, you may also choose to inform the user as to which questions they answered incorrectly at the end of their quiz.

Updating course settings

In courses you created and manage, you may update your general course settings by clicking the “Manage course settings” link, then click “Update course settings”. 

Deleting courses

If you wish to delete a course, click the “Course manager settings” link and then click “Update course settings”, then click “Delete this course”. This action is permanent.  See ‘Transferring courses’ below.

Transferring courses

You may wish to transfer management of a course to someone else.  If an enrollee of your course agrees to assume management responsibilities for the course, ask them for their ‘transfer code’ which is listed on their profile page.  Go to your course and click the ‘Course manager settings’ link, then click ‘Update course settings’.  Finally, click ‘Transfer course’ and enter the new manager’s secure transfer code to complete the transfer.

Deleting an account

To delete your account from the site by clicking on ‘My profile’ at the top of the screen, and then click ‘Delete my account’. Be cautioned that all of the courses you have created will also be disabled.  If you would like to transfer management of your courses to another person, please contact the site administrator to complete the transfer before deleting your account.

Managing student records

Students may submit exercises to be assessed by you, their course manager.  You can submit feedback via the online form by clicking the “Course manager settings” link in your course. Then, choose “Student records”, and finally, click on the applicable student’s name to see their submitted exercises and completed quizzes. Note that it is not required to have any exercises or quizzes in a course. However:  If you mark a quiz as a “final quiz” and a student passes the quiz based on the required passing score you have set, they will receive an email confirming their passing status which contains a note from the site administrator and a message from you, if you entered one on the Quiz settings page, noted above.  Only one quiz in your course should be designated as a final quiz.

Managing student accounts

If a student asks you, as their course manager, to reset their password, please refer them to the password reset utility at   If a student cannot remember their email address, you may provide it to them (as long as they haven’t designated it as private) by viewing their student record. Simply click the “Course manager settings” link in your course and choose “Student records”.  A list of your students and their email address will be displayed.  If a student wishes to change their email address, inform them that email address are unique identifiers on the site and cannot be changed. They may wish to re-register if they need to use a new email address.  If a student is disruptive or abusive in the course, you may remove them from the course by clicking “Remove this student” on the student records page mentioned above.

Special courses

Each person registers on the site is automatically enrolled in the ‘Welcome to FunLMS!’ tutorial course. This course is like a new student/course manager orientation. You may un-enroll yourself from the course at any time.  The other special course is the Course suggestions course. In that course, you can offer ideas on the Discussion Wall for courses that you would like to take on the site.  Enrollment in this course is not automatic.  You can enroll yourself in that course by click the “Suggest a course” link on your main page (courses.php) after logging in.

Mobile devices

This site was designed to operate on laptop, desktop or tablet computers, as well as SmartPhones.  It’s not perfect yet, so we would appreciate your feedback while we work to improve compliance with mobile standards.

Best practices

Please do your best to build helpful courses by proofreading your content carefully, and organizing your modules and content in an intuitive, pro-learning manner.  Please treat your students, classmates and course managers with courtesy in order to foster the open, community service-based spirit of the site.  Finally, please take care not to plagiarize content and to accurately cite your sources using MLA or APA formats, where applicable.